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I’m one of those weirdos that read my horoscope daily.  While I take it with a grain of salt, today’s read that I need to recognize that I won’t be able to do it all.  It got me thinking of that question all modern women ask themselves at one point or another…Can I really do it all?  Most women’s magazines and sites will tell you–why, yes! You most certainly can! (Go female empowerment, right?) But I can’t help but wonder if that just leads to unrealistic goals that we set for ourselves and in turn, rushing around, not getting anything right and feeling defeated at day’s end.

Not only do I think it’s realistic for any woman to do it all, I don’t think it’s possible for any human being to do it “all”.  In generations passed, men had one to two main jobs in life, generally speaking.  They were the bread winners and they did “man things” around the house like changing lightbulbs and cutting the grass.  The women, traditionally speaking, took care of the children and the house, cooked all the meals and did any other small task that needed to be taken care of.  Fast forward to modern times, women hit the work force, but they still want to do everything they did in the past.  I don’t think it’s wrong to want to do it all, but I’ve yet to find a person who really can do it all for the long term.  Something usually suffers, maybe not today or this month, but eventually.

I’ve come to realize in my own life what I can realistically do and maintain my own sanity.  I’m just as guilty as every other person out there that wanted to be a superwoman of sorts.  One thing I learned in the process though, was that I’d rather focus on a couple tasks each day that I know I can handle and at least one thing I actually enjoy than run around, barely accomplishing anything but trying tirelessly at everything. I think at the end of the day, I’ve learned to prioritize. Because there’s always going to be a knick knack to dust, an email to respond to and “just one more” task at work to do.   If my top priorities of the day are focused on, that might not be doing it all, but in my book, that’s having it all…and isn’t that what we really want?

4 thoughts on “Doing it all

  1. There are moms I know that really try to do it all and they look miserable. I stopped going to my kids school to help all of the time and have focused on doing things for me. It’s really saved my sanity!


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