Mainstream meh

man and boy painting the wall
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I suppose there’s an argument somewhere about the more people know about something, anything–the better.  I tend to disagree. I’ve always loved the different, eclectic style in pretty much every art form whether it be fashion, music, photography, art, poetry…But what is it about when something becomes more main stream and accessible to the masses, that it seems to lose it’s quality?

While traveling the globe, I do appreciate the touristy spots, however, it’s the out of the way pub or the local bed & breakfast that sits off the beaten path that I enjoy most.  With fashion, I enjoy not looking like a cookie cutter of the chic next door and with music, I enjoy obscure genres that mainstream America isn’t aware of.  I don’t know if I get that quality from my upbringing or if it’s something unique to me, but I have to hold back the eye roll when someone tells me about some new hobby or new destination that I’ve known about for years, as if it were new.  And I also automatically think to myself, “Well, there’s goes that…” It seems to lose some of its edge or street credibility to me. I feel like that more and more often as I’ve aged.  Maybe it’s the over sharing with social media and the instant gratification of the world we live in, I like to keep some of my interests quiet. And I’m okay with that, are you?



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