Secret keepers

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When it comes to secrets, there are those that guard secrets like the holy grail and there are others that couldn’t keep a secret if their life depended on it….

Always one to keep secrets regarding special surprise birthday gifts and deep dark personal things about those close to me, I find it incredibly hard to keep exciting news in my life a secret.  Some say, “Shout it out! Loud and proud!”  But I’m also the person who thinks timing is everything and something seems even more sacred and special when not every Tom, Dick and Harry know all about it, even if it’s something completely trivial and frivolous.

In the share-everything, instant-gratification, get-this-tid-bit-of-information-before- anyone-else society we live in now, I find myself less and less likely to share things like I used to.  There’s an amusement about knowing something no one knows and laughing to yourself when you find out just how clueless everyone around you really is, regarding said secret.

I tend to much rather be a secret keeper than the indiscreet chatter who informs everything to anyone who will listen.  I also rely on secret-keeping to uphold an unspeakable amount of trust that I don’t feel with the blabber mouths we all have in our lives.

Whatever side of secret keeping you fall on, there is room for everyone at the table of life. I love my over sharing friends as much as I love my closest confidants. But let me fill you in on a little secret…the best secret kept is the one never uttered to another living soul!

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