Shoes, shoes…and more shoes

close up of shoes and bag
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My husband looks at my massive shoe collection and shakes his head and looks at me.  “Why do you need so many shoes?” I have about 20 pairs of black shoes alone–anything from slides, flat ballerinas, low wedges, higher wedges, mid heel pumps, impulse buys that I never wear but looked like I needed them in the moment.  Not to mention all my boots, ankle boots and shoes of other colors, prints and embellishments.

I don’t suppose he’ll ever understand why I think I need such variety on my shoe rack.  He owns 3 pairs of shoes, period.  I can honestly say though, that having such a diverse collection, I always, always can find a shoe at the last minute that will go with just about anything in my closet.  Although, that can be a problem too.  Sometimes it’s overwhelming because at times, I have too many options.  (I know, first world problems.)

I implemented a new rule a couple years that seems to be working well for me and my endless shoe collection. I make myself donate a pair of shoes to charity before I buy a new pair.  That way, things stay somewhat controlled as far as the size of my shoe collection goes and someone out there gets a fabulous shoe courtesy of me.  With all the fall fashion merging into stores now, I can tell it’s shoe purge time again.  Decisions to be made on which ones to pitch and which that I simply can’t part with.  There are a ton of cute fashion forward shoes out this season.  Guess I need to get started purging then, eh?





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