I’m 43 and realizing that I’m officially middle aged! It’s a realization that just came over me the last few days.  I don’t know if it happened when I got really excited to finally purchase brand new appliances or the fact that both my spouse and I traded in my sport coupe for an SUV or when we were asked if we qualified for the 55+ discount at the movies. Maybe it happened when I turned 40 a few years ago? Or when I had to start dying my hair to cover gray strands? Or was it when I realized that my co-workers weren’t even in born yet when I was in my “hay day”!? And what about that chat with my younger brother, when he referred to himself as a middle aged old guy? What would that make me? Don’t even mutter it …(a senior citizen?)

I’d like to think long gone are the days of the middle aged man who cheats on his wife of 20 years for a younger, hot woman and buys a red sports car.  I suppose maybe that’s still the stereo type, however, I fail to acknowledge it because I fall into that peer group.  Gen X-ers are middle aged now. That’s the cold hard fact. But, because I try to see both the pros and cons of my pondering thoughts, what’s the silver lining about middle age?

Stability, confidence, knowing your worth both personally and professionally and not being afraid to ask for it.  Wisdom, self love. I could go on, but you get the picture.  Those half a dozen pros seem much more worthy than hair that doesn’t  need to be dyed and a shiny sport coupe.  One doesn’t assume those traits unless they go through life’s ups and downs.  Besides, do you know all the discounts AARP members qualify for? Sign me up, right after I make that hair color appointment to cover my grays….

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2 thoughts on “Mid-life?

  1. I am excited to get AARP discounts in less than 3 years and I stopped dying my hair a few years ago. But confidence issues still reside in this old gal and while life’s journey has had some interesting lessons hurled at me, tomorrow will probably unfold more lessons to be learned.

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