Do wrinkle creams work?

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I just got back from a fabulous vacation and in each picture I look happy, relaxed and…tired! What I mean by that is eye wrinkles, dark circles and puffy bags around those crow feet. I thought to myself, Man! Do I need to start using my retinold serums and eye creams on a nightly basis? Is it possible to reverse the eye wrinkles once you have them? Can you really prevent them in the first place? I am dying to know!

Being somewhat of a skin care junkie to start with, I constantly rotate my serums but stay true to my exfoliator and moisturizer. (Is this where I went wrong?) I am currently trying a serum that is deep blue in color and it goes on to your skin blue until you rub it in. Hmmm, who in the lab decided to make it blue? And why? But I love a good gimmick so what the heck? I’ve been using it nightly each night this week and it does make my skin feel like silk but my eye wrinkles are still there.

Perhaps we will never find the fountain of youth, however, it sure is fun seeing what products skincare companies will come up with next! Sometimes I wonder if the industry gets some sort of trophy for having the weirdest skin product on the market. Until I then, I will keep rubbing in blue oil into my skin and hoping it wakes my tired eyes up!

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