New year, same me

A new year always brings hope, promise and ambition.  It can also, in turn, bring disappointment, anxiety and pressure with all those lofty goals and resolutions we force onto ourselves. I quit making resolutions years ago when the latter happened to me, year in and year out. It was easier to not make resolutions and set goals.  Then, how could I fail?Last year changed all that.  It’s no secret that I’ve had Lupus since age 15 and due to symptoms and nasty medications to control my symptoms over the years, my joints–mainly my knees, took a beating from both, leading to the need for pre-mature total knee replacements on both my knees. When you sit on the couch for 6 months trying to regain range of motion and a normal gait again, you have a lot of time to reflect about the whole experience…and life, altogether! So, there I was, writing goals in my fancy new planner for 2018.  2018 turned out to be a pretty darned good year for me, personally. I followed a loose paleo way of eating 80% of the time, exercised regularly, lost a total of 35 lbs and kept it off without giving up the holiday season.  I also, went from having a really hard time swinging back into the work routine after 6 months off to starting a new job in a completely different field. I did a lot of inner work which I didn’t talk to anyone about, which I feel is the basis of all the “outer” stuff people see, was woven from. pics

So new year, new you? No, you don’t need a new year to set goals and work towards hopes and dreams. I worked on things a little at a time last year, privately and stopped feeling compelled to explain things to the few people in my life that noticed small changes. I saw a quote on social media last year that resonated with me–“It’s okay to live a life others do not understand”.  New year, same me…just a more confident, less give-a-fucks and live my life my way kinda me.  Happy New Year! Let’s make 2019 a great one!

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