Different but the same

The season of the rich and spoiled ladies of privelege, also known as the “Housewives” have begun again.  I watch one of the franchises and have for the last 3 years or so.  I call it my guilty pleasure.  I love to see their extravagant clothes, jewelry, homes and travel destinations.  One of the aspects to watching the housewives, is you will be sure to be privy to all the ladies’ bickering, back stabbing and drama between them.  Sometimes it’s quite comical, other times it’s saddening and almost embarrassing.

Although, it’s a nice escape from reality, I think the reason it’s such a hit with viewers is because even how different their social status is compared to middle America, there are a lot more common things in the housewive’s lives than differences. Women friendships can be tough regardless of age, social status and income. We all get our feelings hurt, we all have felt betrayed at one point or another, we all celebrate each other’s successes and failures and we all fight fiercely for our besties.

Each season, I am always in awe of how many things we all have in common with these wealthy celebrities more so than how different we are from them.  Coming from an upbringing of living in diverse cultures and environments, I’m lucky to have a broad spectrum of friends and acquaintances -everyone from a colonel in the navy to a nun who lives in a convent, a professional jazz artist to a housewife with 5 kids.  They are all very different however, they are all so much more alike than they are different.

At the end of the day, we all want want to be safe and feel loved. We are all many different things and have many different roles in life, however, we all put our pants on the same way and we are most importantly…human.

In the crazy times and even crazier world we live in the year 2019, regardless of how wealthy you are or where you live, we are first and foremost human.  Things seem a lot less complicated when you go back to that thought.

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