I’m back….day 2 of country living

It’s been awhile since I’ve blogged here. I’m out of the sunshine state for a hot minute and in the deep wilderness as I type, so hopefully, I can commit to better consistency with it. I won’t tell you how much I needed a break because quite frankly, with lockdowns and a lurking virus, I know I’m in good company. Caring for two barely functional cognitively impaired parents during the wrath of the modern plague has proven to be a challenge. So, I did what I do when I get scared or need a sanity break–go away.

I’ve found as I’ve gotten older, I enjoy and appreciate being close to nature than I ever thought I would as a younger person. I find immense satisfaction in living a simpler life, watching birds on the bird feeders, exploring dirt trails and seeing life through the eyes of my dog. I don’t know if that comes with age or just the season of life I’m currently in. I’m just going with it though. For so long, I fought to hang on and now am realizing sometimes it’s good to let things go. In nature, things ebb and flow. I think as humans, we fear the unexpected and fear even more so, change so we hang on to what we already know.

Speaking of ebbing and flowing, the property I’m staying on has a river that runs along the side of the mountain. We’ve been sleeping with windows open-something that I just won’t do in the suburbs-and listen to the river and the crickets chirping. There’s something to be said about country life. I like it, I love it, I want some more of it!

(Stay tuned for more of my thoughts and adventures while I’m here. I’m going to make myself commit to it. Maybe in the meantime, I’ll make sense of the noise rattling around in my noggin.)IMG_6937

2 thoughts on “I’m back….day 2 of country living

  1. I enjoyed your Blog. It is wonderful that you are taking time for yourself and enjoying the serene beauty of nature. It definitely helps reset the ole batteries and soul. I hope you find the quiet peace that the mountains and countryside have to offer.


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