Day 5 of Country Living

Getting toward the end of our first week in my country living series, I’ve had more time to think, be inspired and reflect.  It’s a wonder what not being around 24/7 news coverage on a novel virus and everyone’s sheer panic over it will do for a person! It’s not taken me very long to adjust to cooler temps, a slower pace or a new routine living in the woods. My daily duties include cooking one big meal a day, washing dishes, laundry, vacuuming and filling the bird feeders.

My inspiration has come mostly from the stunning landscapes and nature’s beauty around me. I’m very inspired (at the moment, anyway) to plant a hummingbird garden and have bird feeders at each window once I get back home. I’d like beautiful wild flowers growing at every corner and I want to continue my grandmother’s hobby for collecting windchimes.

I would wonder how long it might take me to adjust back to life in the sunshine state, but I choose not to let me mind go there right now. It’s happy right here…in my rocking chair facing the corner of the front stoop, marveling at the sound of the hummingbird’s wings and the flinting around the golden finches are making on the other feeder. IMG_7094

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