Day 9 of country living…peace of mind

IMG_7318I’ve been out here a little over a week now and already feel like I’ve been rejuvenated inside out.  My soul seems lighter, my smile bigger and my heart fuller. I relish my thoughts and my feelings and how I can find magic from the little things in the world again.  Half way through lockdown, I feared those things were gone forever for me. In a sense, the music had died in my life and all I saw was heartache and grief. I knew I’d been through worse and that I’d come out of it, but I didn’t know at what cost. This little country cabin and all the inhabitants-from the fireflies to the stars at night, from the spiders in the bathroom shower to the gypsy moth webs in the trees, to the colorful birds I feed daily and the mountainous views I am in awe at each waking hour-has given me back that feeling of being me again….a life lover, a shoe hoarder, a pragmatic sinner who has a love of music, my dog and a fancy drink. For the first time in about a year, I feel alive again. I’m not going to get by….I will thrive.

I don’t have it all figured out yet. The path is a long windy one for me.  Many obstacles and turns along the way, however, I have a strong wind in my sails that every little thing is going to be okay.

I’m sorry I’m writing so much about my feelings. I promise the next post will be a little more concrete.  I don’t often share inner personal feelings on an open forum but today I felt I needed to get it off my chest a bit.  God bless and peace out for now….let the adventure continue.

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