Day 16 of country living..the lighter side

Trading in my suburban lifestyle for a month out in the deep woods in a sleepy southern mountain town has inspired me in many ways and also given me several realizations…

  1. I am completely in awe of nature more than I’ve ever been, particularly with hummingbirds and butterflies. So much so, I’ve joined a neighborhood group on the same and contacted my local nursery owner to find out what exactly he has in stock to start my own upon my return home.
  2. I’ve learned that some people in this world really do still say their “please” and “thank you’s”. (So refreshing to hear…and know!)
  3. When country folk recommend an “easy” hike, take it with a grain of salt. Easy to mountain folk and avid hikers fares different for us flatlanders.
  4. Yes, there are bugs in the woods. And if you have a cabin in the woods, you are simply their guests!
  5.  Never lead blindly with your head through a doorway or a wooded area…if you can’t figure out why then refer to number 4.
  6. Barbeque can mean many things to many people.  However, in these parts barbeque simply means pork. Period. Anything else is not officially barbeque and shall not be labeled as such!
  7. The American Flag is respected and what it stands for is valued. Amen!
  8. Sleeping in on a rainy  night is extra special if it’s in a cabin with a tin roof.
  9. Barns make great hideouts for smoking, relaxing, reflecting and writing. (cont below)IMG_7651
  10.  The cool mountain air can recharge your batteries, cool the sweat from under your rebel cowboy hat and open your heart when all was thought to be lost, irrepairable and hopeless.

I’m sure there are half a dozen more realizations and aspirations I’ve had in our time here however, these are just the 10 that came to mind as I clicked away at my computer. What are the top 10 things that are special in your neck of the woods (pun intended)?

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