Country living…is over

The mornings have been chilly and densely foggy the last few days. Today I noticed this sort of scenic, snuggly weather lasted until about noon before the sun decided to poke out. Not only is the everlasting sunny days of summer beginning to wind down, but so is my time here in the woods. I think you’ve heard enough about the complete rejuvenation and inspiration this place and time provided to me, so I won’t bore you with that again.

I’ll always remember my time here and what I took back home with me– an appreciation for bright vanity lights, not walking into spider webs at every turn and my deep desire for connectedness with my spouse and myself again.

I think they like to say, the best journeys always lead back home? Guess what…it’s true. It might have taken me a month of reflection to come to that conclusion, but that’s the bullet point that means the most.

So, while I gather my things and wait for the sun to grace me with his presence for the last few mornings, I’ll also count my lucky stars for everything and everyone I’ve been blessed with in my life. I’ll love a little harder, I’ll cry less, forgive, forget and open up more.

I’m going to go read in the sun, watch Charlotte spin her web around the windchime as I soak up the last bit of this fresh mountain air. And I hope who’s ever still reading, has a good day…regardless of what your neck of the woods looks like.

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