Morning walks

I’ve been going for early morning walks for 8 years now. It started as going with a friend for something to do on a mundane, cloudy Sunday and it continued into being a meditative, sanity break. Sometimes I walk with a friend but most the time I walk alone. I’ve walked different trails and different routes over the years, but always come back to walking by the river, down to the ocean and back. I don’t wear headphones when I walk. Sometimes I think a lot and work out dilemmas in my head. Other times I use it as a quiet space to figure out my to do list. And still, other times I don’t think at all.

Today was one of those days where I didn’t think at all. (Well, I guess we are constantly thinking. I did think at one point I would get rained on, but–) What I mean when I say I didn’t think at all is nothing deep, no figuring out anything. No contemplating. No needless worrying. I just walked. I enjoyed the cranes flying about the river, the wind under my cap and the rough seas as I crossed the bridge. Greeting and nodding to oncoming walkers, joggers and cyclists, I turned my attention then back to the pavement beneath my feet.

With all the endless noise in the world, some days we need to silence it all. Today was that day for me. Sure, there are plenty of things I could worry about, plan and try to figure out, but today I didn’t. And I’m happy with that. Despite that Type A Capricorn blood coursing through my veins! Most the time I walk, I enjoy a beautiful sunrise and the reflection of the cotton candy skies across the river. Today there was no sun, only clouds. My mind could have drifted anywhere easily as it usually does. I guess my inner self needed some meditation. Funny, how the universe always gives you just what you need at the right time if you listen.

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