Holiday meh

All the traveling for the year is through for me. I’ve ordered my custom holiday cards that I send out each year and this week, I’ll be shopping for a turkey. It doesn’t feel much like the end of the year for me though. I’m sure the global pandemic and everything that snowballed from there has something to do with that.

As I recall last year, the holidays came and went without me getting into the holiday spirit too, but it was a personal meh and not a community meh, if that makes sense? I remember last year I didn’t even put up our big Christmas tree. I vowed early on this year that I would decorate big to make up for last year and here we are.

I’m not one to go against my word, but I’ll be honest I’m just not feeling it…again. The holidays were always my most favorite time of year but this year I’ve found little to celebrate. No holiday parties, times with friends are limited due to fear of the cooties. Large crowds and shows are not happening. Along with all the personal stuff of aging parents and stepping into the adult role of the family unit.

Nothing to dress up for, put the shimmer on for and get excited about. But if you’ve thought this post was going to be doom and gloom, think again. I am bound and determined to find my jingle-ingle-ingle this year if it kills me! This week my schedule is light, so you can bet your bottom dollar that I’ll be pulling out all the holiday decor, bells and sparkle to perk up my spirits.

This is when the “fake it until you make it” phrase comes in to play. Although, personally I think it’s a little too early for Christmas carols, I will be finding my festive spirit even in these darks times, what ever it takes, how hard I have to try and at what length I have to go to. Who’s with me?

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