Different corner

January 2021 has turned a different corner for me. Although, it is very real that the pandemic rages on, my life has gotten a bit more interesting and nicer. At least for the time being. I started the brand new year with a new job in a new field, doing something I’ve never done before with motivation and goals I’d like to achieve, attached to that new job. My mind is active again, I’ve lost 5 pounds of my quarantine weight without trying and my friends are starting to come out of hiding so I’ve had some get togethers.

While large groups still aren’t on my radar, I see a glimmer of hope through my lens that I’ve not seen in about a year. I think many people are finally realizing that there are no cures for viruses and that we must learn to live among it. No doubt my generation will be talking about the year 2020 for awhile, I choose to put it bed, leave it there and lock the door to never open it again!

As a goal driven Capricorn, I’ve made some personal goals that I’d like to succeed at reaching this year. It feels great to be a productive member of society again. It feels great to see businesses opening back up. And it feels really awesome to be able to see old friends again, laugh with them and enjoy life again.

I’m cautiously optimistic that one day I will be dancing in a crowd again, hugging my friends again and watching my husband play air guitar at a rock concert again. Masks or no masks, those are the good things in life that add value to my life and make me happy. They are slowly coming back into my life and for that, I’m forever grateful.

I guess going through a year as rough as last sometimes is necessary to bring gratitude, faith and hope back into our busy, selfish lives again. Maybe its been a lesson of sorts. I know for me it was. It helped define what I deem of importance in my life and made me cherish times with loved ones a bit more instead of just going through the motions of life.

When I was diagnosed with a major illness as a young teenager, I began to see the world differently than I had before my diagnosis. I began to live like I was going to die tomorrow. I’d put off everything to do things that added value to my life. My doctors told me that it was a shame I was so young with such a heavy diagnosis but that my quality of life was what was the most important. He told me and my parents that if I had a good quality of life then that was the best thing we could all hope for. I never forgot the conversation, 31 years ago. That’s really what it boils down to is quality of life.

My quality of life has improved over the last year when all these things began to fall into place. I’ve turned a different corner and I’m excited for what’s to come. Even if I am a little cautious, I’m here for it. It’s time to live again, not exist…LIVE!

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