I thought from an early age that I thought differently than other kids growing up. As a military brat growing up around the world, changing homes every few years or more often than that, I looked for the similarities. Anything in common I could find to fit in or find some common ground that would help me find my new tribe of friends. It wasn’t hard to do that, as most the kids on bases did the same thing.

As a teenager, I realized that I thought differently but chalked it up to not being around a base during that time in my life. As an adult, I find I think differently than most and not in the common areas of interests, politics, religion but deeper than that. I’m unsure if my life experiences with growing up in different areas around the world or if being diagnosed with a chronic disease as a young child shaped my view of the world.

I can usually see both sides of any hot topic. I can empathize with the good and the bad. I understand why Christians are Christians and can believe their faith in God but I can also understand atheists views and understand their beliefs. I don’t always agree with popular media but I don’t agree with off the wall conspiracy theory beliefs either.

In a world where everyone feels the need to be right, why hasn’t anyone realized that no one way is right? Why hasn’t anyone realized that meeting in the middle, not just in relationships but our views and ways of living need to come together and meet in the middle?

In a world where inclusivity is what is so popular yet we’ve never been so pushed apart and pigeon holed before that I can remember in my lifetime. I read a thread on a friendly ‘this or that’ type question on social media the other day about chicken wings. In no time, people got heated and turned it into a political debate.

You learn a lot when you sit back and observe. I’ve always been very intuitive and been quiet but observative in life. I see things and notice the world in ways that people that are always busy competing in life miss. There’s something to be said for taking time to smell the roses in life. There’s also something to be said for someone who can observe quietly too….

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