A Half-Assed Holiday

Some years around Christmas I’m a total scrooge until the last minute when something sparks my holiday spirit. Other years, like last year, I’m all in–decorating every inch of space with poinsettas, holly and sparkly adornments. This year is the first year I’d have to admit to really just half-assing all the Christmas festivities that I normally enjoy.

What do I mean about “half assing” my second favorite holiday of the year? I mean, I didn’t bake at all this year. I put up a few decorative pieces, but didn’t pull them all out. I put up a much smaller Christmas tree that isn’t really a Christmas tree at all. I didn’t get my stuff together when I tried to order our annual picture/holiday card and just used the best snapshot I could come up with. I don’t care to dress my animals up or even buy a funny holiday-pun shirt for myself this year either.

I don’t know why I am just not in the mood for it this year. I don’t feel like a scrooge–I love that holiday magic I feel each year as the calendar runs out, but I’m just not that into it this year. I think I did it to myself though. I blasted into Halloween and party season with so much piss and vinegar that by the time December rolled around, I was just done.

I’ve always used January as a self-care month and if I’m honest, I feel like I’ve skipped right into that after-holiday glow where I do lots of mud masks, oil my cuticles, soothing foot baths and amp up my workouts. It could be partly due to such a warm winter season we’ve had or maybe it’s due to traveling during part of the holiday season. That usually will throw me for a loop too is when I have to prepare for a trip, but regardless the reason, my half assed Christmas of 2021 will go down as the laziest Christmas I’ve ever had.

I suppose that’s a perk of being an adult. You have permission to “laze” during the holiday season if that’s your prerogative. Maybe I’m too proud to tell you I burnt myself out too early in the holiday season, but I’m coining my 2021 Christmas to be on island time. I’ve even got the lit up palm tree adorned with flamingos as evidence!

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