Rainy days

Rainy days when you live in a tropical climate and used to the sun can be depressing, total downers and unmotivating to sun worshippers. However, I’m one of the few people that I know locally that actually get more motivated and creative when it pours for hours on end. Maybe it’s the fact that I don’t have any FOMO when it’s raining or maybe something about the darker skies and water falling from the clouds gets my creative juices flowing easier.

It’s not ideal to dust when it’s dark and gloomy outside but I’ve already gotten it done this morning as heavy rainbands came through my neighborhood. I hate to dust so anytime I feel motivated to do it all is a win for me! I’ve also taken note of any sort of reservations and confirmations needed for an upcoming vacation. On top of hanging up clothes, finishing laundry that I’ve had to do and relearning how to use my GoPro again so I know what I’m doing when I attempt a family holiday picture.

I wish I always felt so inclined to conquer my to do lists! Imagine how great everything would run in my home and probably my life if I felt energized and motivated to do every last detail that needed to be done. My dog, on the other hand hates the rain. It means less playing outside, less long walks and he actually looks like he’s sad when it’s raining outside, as he walks around the house with a long face as if to say, “Mom, when is it going to stop?”

Does weather affect your mood? If so, how? Do you find when the weather is bad out, that you’re drawn to the same sort of activities or do you use it as sort of a down time for yourself?

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