An Island state of mind

I can only do so many mundane editoral type blog posts. I decided since travel has opened back up and I am traveling again, I figured I would write more about my adventures in traveling here on word press. My latest adventure was to the Bahamas. This was the first time I’d been out of the US since the summer of 2019 when I spent 3 weeks touring around northern Europe. I truly believe that when you travel somewhere, you not only come home with a piece of the destination you visited, but also you’ve left a piece of you there.

Upon arriving in the Bahamas, it all came flooding back to me–the warm breeze, the crystal clear aquamarine waters, the white sugary sands, the seagulls flying overhead and the sounds of steel drums playing. I’ve been to many of the Caribbean islands over the years through resort stays and cruises. But this time was a little different. I seemed to appreciate it more and I realized how much I loved being there. I tried to soak up as much of it all as I could as I played in the warm water. The sun was warm but not sweltering. The Caribbean waters have a way of hushing all my fears of the water away. It remains the only sea that I feel safe in because I do not swim. The beauty of the islands, the feeling of true relaxation overcame me like it never has before. I didn’t want to leave. I vowed to come back sooner rather than later. I took back my peace of mind on this trip. I took back my love for the sun, the water and that island feel. What a yummy feeling.

Thank you to the Bahamas for bringing back that peace to my soul again. I am always grateful to travel, even if the destination is not my favorite. My spouse turned me on to the Caribbean 18 years ago and I must say, it’s a destination like no other. I will always cherish my time in the islands and will always think of the great love of my life who I am lucky enough to build a good life with. He is a pisces and is truly at peace in the water. How ironic it is that he married someone who cannot swim. As I watched him lap around in the water as I floated in shoulder height waves, I fell in love all over again. I looked up at the sky and thanked God for the moment. Often times we don’t realize we are creating special memories that we will cherish in our life times but I caught it, recognized just that and took it all in. As the islands will always hold a special place in my heart, I will take back with me peace of mind, forgiveness and love. Those island vibes have a way of softening what a harsh, cruel world that plays out around me. It’s made me human again.

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