I thought from an early age that I thought differently than other kids growing up. As a military brat growing up around the world, changing homes every few years or more often than that, I looked for the similarities. Anything in common I could find to fit in or find some common ground that would…Read more »


It’s interesting that most people believe they give the same level of respect to the janitor as they do the CEO, however, how real is that belief, in all actuality? I had a reasonably seasoned career in a well respected position in the medical community. Most would hear what I did for a living and…Read more »

Different corner

January 2021 has turned a different corner for me. Although, it is very real that the pandemic rages on, my life has gotten a bit more interesting and nicer. At least for the time being. I started the brand new year with a new job in a new field, doing something I’ve never done before…Read more »

Holiday meh

All the traveling for the year is through for me. I’ve ordered my custom holiday cards that I send out each year and this week, I’ll be shopping for a turkey. It doesn’t feel much like the end of the year for me though. I’m sure the global pandemic and everything that snowballed from there…Read more »

Morning walks

I’ve been going for early morning walks for 8 years now. It started as going with a friend for something to do on a mundane, cloudy Sunday and it continued into being a meditative, sanity break. Sometimes I walk with a friend but most the time I walk alone. I’ve walked different trails and different…Read more »

Home IS sweet

Coming off a great vacation sometimes hits you like a jolt of a blaring horn from a peaceful sleep. This time it was welcomed. Not because I had a horrible time on our trip. Not because I couldn’t wait to get out of the mountains. More because, as I’ve gotten older, whenever I travel I’ve…Read more »

Country living…is over

The mornings have been chilly and densely foggy the last few days. Today I noticed this sort of scenic, snuggly weather lasted until about noon before the sun decided to poke out. Not only is the everlasting sunny days of summer beginning to wind down, but so is my time here in the woods. I…Read more »

Day 5 of Country Living

Getting toward the end of our first week in my country living series, I’ve had more time to think, be inspired and reflect.  It’s a wonder what not being around 24/7 news coverage on a novel virus and everyone’s sheer panic over it will do for a person! It’s not taken me very long to…Read more »