Day 5 of Country Living

Getting toward the end of our first week in my country living series, I’ve had more time to think, be inspired and reflect.  It’s a wonder what not being around 24/7 news coverage on a novel virus and everyone’s sheer panic over it will do for a person! It’s not taken me very long to…Read more »


My mother’s birthday is fast approaching.  I think of her often and wonder how she did it all, when my brother and I were small as an military wife in foreign countries without any outside  help. No family to call to babysit when she needed a break. My mom never took a spa day. Not…Read more »

Different but the same

The season of the rich and spoiled ladies of privelege, also known as the “Housewives” have begun again.  I watch one of the franchises and have for the last 3 years or so.  I call it my guilty pleasure.  I love to see their extravagant clothes, jewelry, homes and travel destinations.  One of the aspects…Read more »

New year, same me

A new year always brings hope, promise and ambition.  It can also, in turn, bring disappointment, anxiety and pressure with all those lofty goals and resolutions we force onto ourselves. I quit making resolutions years ago when the latter happened to me, year in and year out. It was easier to not make resolutions and…Read more »


I’m 43 and realizing that I’m officially middle aged! It’s a realization that just came over me the last few days.  I don’t know if it happened when I got really excited to finally purchase brand new appliances or the fact that both my spouse and I traded in my sport coupe for an SUV…Read more »