Missing my magazines

Is it my imagination or are women’s fashion magazines getting thinner and thinner as time passes?  As I unwind on a weekday evening with my husband and cat snoozing beside me in bed, I look over to my nightstand.  There sits my  half glass of wine, the drugstore readers I never wear and a small…Read more »

Spicy chili

Pre-season football has begun.  Pumpkin candles and sweaters litter the store window displays at the mall.  And today I put on a pot of my infamous spicy chili.  All despite the fact that my porch thermometer reads 92 degrees–in the shade! What do I do to get myself into an autumn state of mind even…Read more »


It was brought to my attention that today was the birthday of the United States Air Force.  I was born to an USAF family. I often wonder how much my life would be altered if my dad wasn’t in the service during the worst war in modern US history.  I grew up around the world,…Read more »

Guilt over success

Have you ever been at a place in life where all your personal and professional goals are simply on fire, but everyone close to you is going through their own hell? I could mean, losing custody of their children, a death of a parent, illness that seems to drag on forever or a divorce? An…Read more »

About me…

I’d like to start my first blog post by telling you a little about myself.  I’m an avid traveler who loves animals, writing and fancy cocktails.  I’m a shoe hoarder and a music enthusiast.  My interests run far and wide, whether it be checking out a local band at a dive bar or horseback riding…Read more »

The Journey Begins

I’ve pondered on whether to create a blog for years now, but never thought it would happen.  I’m not selling anything or doing it for any other reason but for myself. I enjoy writing, traveling, being with those close to my heart and pretty much anything that speaks to my soul. I’d like to personally…Read more »