My mother’s birthday is fast approaching.  I think of her often and wonder how she did it all, when my brother and I were small as an military wife in foreign countries without any outside  help. No family to call to babysit when she needed a break. My mom never took a spa day. Not…Read more »

Different but the same

The season of the rich and spoiled ladies of privelege, also known as the “Housewives” have begun again.  I watch one of the franchises and have for the last 3 years or so.  I call it my guilty pleasure.  I love to see their extravagant clothes, jewelry, homes and travel destinations.  One of the aspects…Read more »

New year, same me

A new year always brings hope, promise and ambition.  It can also, in turn, bring disappointment, anxiety and pressure with all those lofty goals and resolutions we force onto ourselves. I quit making resolutions years ago when the latter happened to me, year in and year out. It was easier to not make resolutions and…Read more »


I’m 43 and realizing that I’m officially middle aged! It’s a realization that just came over me the last few days.  I don’t know if it happened when I got really excited to finally purchase brand new appliances or the fact that both my spouse and I traded in my sport coupe for an SUV…Read more »

Secret keepers

When it comes to secrets, there are those that guard secrets like the holy grail and there are others that couldn’t keep a secret if their life depended on it…. Always one to keep secrets regarding special surprise birthday gifts and deep dark personal things about those close to me, I find it incredibly hard…Read more »

Shoes, shoes…and more shoes

My husband looks at my massive shoe collection and shakes his head and looks at me.  “Why do you need so many shoes?” I have about 20 pairs of black shoes alone–anything from slides, flat ballerinas, low wedges, higher wedges, mid heel pumps, impulse buys that I never wear but looked like I needed them…Read more »

Mainstream meh

I suppose there’s an argument somewhere about the more people know about something, anything–the better.  I tend to disagree. I’ve always loved the different, eclectic style in pretty much every art form whether it be fashion, music, photography, art, poetry…But what is it about when something becomes more main stream and accessible to the masses,…Read more »